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Your Love Never Left Me

Your love never left me Your love never left me. I hungered and thirsted in the treacherous, dark night. My soul was stranger, my soul was silent my soul was shattered…

Leyli – My Leyli

Leyli – My Leyli Leyli – my Leyli – when half our world Is red and green with spring And half all snow Still brothers and tribes are at each other’s throats Still, the scorpion The yellow adder On our white foreheads harlot oppression And during bright midnights Against the double-winged gates, gallows And the… Read More »

Thirty-Three Bullets

Thirty-Three Bullets I. This is the Mengene mountain When dawn creeps up at the lake Van This is the child of Nimrod When dawn creeps up against the Nimrod One side of you is avalanches, the Caucasian sky The other side a rug, Persia

The East With Its Acrid Wind

I came Silent and sad I abandoned myself to the earth My heart was saying Wait Hurry and find a temple But I was too late The shadow of the walls remained But they themselves had gone

Tutto ciò che vogliamo

Tutto ciò che vogliamo è una vita onorevole e dignitosa / All we want is a decent and honorable life / Alles, was wir wollen, ist eine anständige und ehrenhafte Leben / Tek istediğimiz onurlu ve insanca bir yaşam